Behavior and Rationality

Scheduled Research Activities (see forthcoming events for details and online material)

Past Research Activities (see past events for details and online material)


  • Unpacking the learning process in interactive situations (Sibilla Di Guida Syddansk Universitet) [Unit: Behavior and Rationality - ReLunch-CISEPS Seminar]

  • April 26, 2022 CISEPS ANNUAL WORKSHOP Sala Consiglio Building U7 4 floor University of Milano-Bicocca - Download program here

  • Strategy Assortativity and the Evolution of Parochialism (Leonardo Boncinelli, University of Florence) [DEMS-CISEPS Seminar ] April 27, 2022

  • Pension Reforms, longer working horizons and absence from work (Maria De Paola, University of Calabria) [DEMS-CISEPS Seminar ] April 7, 2022

  • Taboo trade-offs and moral preferences in the time of Covid-19 (Marco Mantovani, DEMS-Unimib) [RElunch-CISEPS Seminar] Tue 1 March, 2022


  • Social Recognition: Experimental Evidence from Blood Donors (Egon Tripodi, University of Essex) [RElunch-CISEPS Seminar]



  • Permanent Itinerant Game Theory Seminars (PIGS-2017), jointly organized with Politecnico di Milano