International Mobility

Visiting positions are being offered to those (preferably PhD-holding junior and senior scholars) who are interested in pursuing research together with CISEPS units and members. 

Visiting Scholars are expected to spend at least one month at the University of Milan - Bicocca, contributing to the research life of CISEPS, interacting scientifically with its members, and giving seminars about their research during their time in Milan. A limited number of fellowships (covering accommodation and travel costs) may be assigned, the amount of each fellowship depends on the candidate’s curriculum and on the available budget. Any permanence of the candidate scholar, lower than one month, cannot be ascribed to the visiting scholar program.  

Interested candidates must submit their applications to Applications should include a CV, a brief (half page) research proposal and the indication about the requested period of stay in Bicocca. Uncompleted applications will not be considered.

Visiting Scholars:

January 2023-July 2023 - Vira Lykina (Ph.D.), CISEPS-DEMS Visiting Scholar. Research program: "Political Discourse in Conflict Resolution", within the "Refugee Protection, Stand for Ukraine" program.

September 2023-June 2024 - Alfredo Burlando  (Associate Professor, University of Oregon), CISEPS-DEMS Visiting Scholar. Research program: "Financial inclusion / Credist Shocks".

January 2024-March 2024 - Oksana Koshulko  (Ph.D.), CISEPS-DEMS Visiting Scholar. Research program: "Empirical research on the situation with Human Capital of the Ukrainian war refugees in Italy during Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine of 2022-24".