The Libera association has an agreement with our University / CISEPS according to which the University undertakes to organize informative events each aimed mainly at students related to Mafias and organized crime.


RUniPace is the Network of Italian Universities for Peace promoted by the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities. It is joined by the universities that inspire their action to the fundamental principles of the Constitution, the Charter of the United Nations, the founding treaties of the European Union, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe.

Coordinator: Mario Gilli

Political Economy of Democracy and Dictatorship Program (PEDD)

Political Economy of Democracy and Dictatorship Program (PEDD) at the University of Münster. The Chair of Political Economy promotes economic research and teaching on political decision-making processes, political economy of institutions, and the economics of political transitions.

Coordinator: Mario Gilli