Publications and Working Papers

CISEPS Working Paper Series


Havakara, B., Schizotypal Personality Disorder: An up-to-date review of diagnostic manuals.

Koshulko, O., The Exploration of Opportunities for Accumulation/Depreciation of the Human Capital of the Ukrainian War Refugees in Some Host Countries during Russia’s War on Ukraine during 2014-24.


Lykina, V., Political Discourse in Conflict Resolution: a case study of Iran protests.

Lykina, V., Verbalization of the Democracy concept in modern English political discourse: Cognitive rhetorical aspects.

Dalla Pellegrina, L., Diriker, D., Landoni, P., Moro, D.,  Wijesiri, M., Efficiency and Outreach in the European Microfinance Sector.

Viale, R..Enacting Problem Solving: An alternative to the limits of Decision Making.

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Rampa, G., Saraceno, M. How hard it is scoring a bullseye: Public policies and compliance hesitancy in heterogeneous populations.



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