CISEPS is supported by the following Departments (University of Milano-Bicocca):

The aim of the Center is to contribute to the advancement of social sciences through interdisciplinary research focused on the improvement of the explanatory and predictive capabilities of the basic models in economics, law, psychology, sociology, statistics and other social sciences. The research goals are both the deepening and the broadening of the traditional approach to these disciplines, confident that new and different ways of studying established problems can encourage the development of new interesting theories, facts and answers.

The building block of the Center’s research agenda is the idea that the advancement in understanding human behavior and social facts requires true cooperation between different disciplinary approaches without any hierarchical subordination, since all of them can offer specific contributions for enhancing the understanding of issues that are of interests for all disciplines. These objectives are pursued:

  1. coordinating and developing research projects organized by members of the Center;

  2. organizing seminars, workshops and international conferences;

  3. inviting scholars for cooperation in research activities;

  4. hosting students for internship experiences;

  5. establishing links with institutions sharing a similar research agenda;

  6. promoting publications related to the mission of the Center.