Urban and Regional Evolution

Alessandra Michelangeli

Research promoters:
Riccarda Longaretti (Economics, UNIMIB), Giulio Mellinato (Economic History, UNIMIB), Alessandra Michelangeli (Economics, UNIMIB), Paola Tubaro (Sociology, CNRS-INRIA, Paris-Sud)


  • Positive theory and econometrics:
    Development of a theoretical framework to explain urban economic growth.
    Empirical applications to European countries, at regional-level.
  • Policy implications: are there any financial/labour reforms that could help urban/regional/rural economic growth and convergence?

  • Analysis of the effects of socio-cultural phenomena at different levels of territorial aggregation: neighborhood; city; region. Culture;  religion;  immigrants;  internal migrations;  crime


Our approach is to follow both a theoretical and an empirical method.

The project will be organized along seminars, workshops and will result in publications on international scientific journals.


Labour economics, Public economics, Evolutionary economics