Urban and Regional Evolution

Alessandra Michelangeli (Economics, UNIMIB)

Research promoters:
Riccardo Borgoni (Statistics, UNIMIB), Giacomo Degli Antoni (Economics, University of Parma), Marco Faillo (Economics, University of Trento), Riccarda Longaretti (Economics, UNIMIB), Giulio Mellinato (Economic History, UNIMIB), Alessandra Michelangeli (Economics, UNIMIB), Paola Tubaro (Sociology, CNRS-INRIA, Paris-Sud)


  • Positive theory and econometrics:
    Development of a theoretical framework to explain regional economic growth.
    Empirical applications to European countries at regional-level, as well as to Italy, at regional- and provincial-level.
  • Policy implications: are there any financial/labour reforms that could help urban/regional/rural economic growth and convergence?

  • Analysis of the effects of socio-cultural phenomena at different levels of territorial aggregation: neighborhood; city; region. Culture;  religion; social capital; subjective well-being; inequality; immigrants.


Our approach integrates different disciplinary perspectives and methods to understand and describe urban and regional changes.

The project will be organized along seminars, workshops and will result in publications on international scientific journals.


Labour economics, Public economics, Evolutionary economics